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2007 Dec 05
GWC Appoints Biolab A/S Distributor for Scandinavia
GWC Technologies Inc. announced today an agreement with Biolab A/S under which Biolab will serve as exclusive distributor for GWC’s label-free array systems in Scandinavia. “Label-free” systems have extensive benefits for proteomics research, in part because they avoid fluorescent labels that can cause experimental artefacts. Label-free analysis also allows more information to be collected about how molecules interact than do conventional scientific instruments. Biolab will now be able to offer GWC’s versatile label-free detection systems to life scientists in Scandinavia, providing superior and more cost-effective capabilities for research into proteomics, cell biology, food science, and the development of novel array fabrication methods.

According to Tim Burland, GWC’s President & CEO, “This new relationship with Biolab establishes full-service, local representation in Scandinavia for GWC’s label-free array products. Biolab’s staff have both the scientific background and the technical capabilities needed to provide the standard of service and support that GWC expects of its partners. Biolab has developed a strong reputation in the industry for its dedication to service and for its commitment to identifying the best solutions for its customers. We are delighted to welcome Biolab to GWC’s worldwide team.”

About Biolab A/S Biolab A/S is an ISO 9000:2000-certified provider of laboratory equipment and services to the biotechnology sector in Scandinavia. Established in 1972, the company maintains a strong focus on customer service, providing technical support and equipment maintenance capabilities for users of its products in universities, testing laboratories, medical research facilities and pharmaceutical companies. The relationship with GWC will enable Biolab to expand its market penetration throughout Scandinavia.

For more information about Biolab, please contact sales@biolab.dk. For more information about GWC, please contact .

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2007 Nov 05
New Flow Cell Introduced for Kinetics Analysis
GWC Technologies Inc. of Madison, Wisconsin, announced today the launch of a low volume flow cell for improved kinetcs analysis. The new cell, designed for the company’s SPRimagerŽII label-free array platform, is for use in proteomics research and biosensor development. The low volume flow cell is readily interchangeable with the standard flow cell, so both current and future users of GWC’s label-free array platform can access the new capabilities.

A key benefit of the new flow cell is more rapid exchange of analytes, a feature that GWC Technologies developed in response to customer requests. Designed specifically for the popular SpotReady™16 substrate, the low volume cell has a microchannel that flows analyte rapidly over every spot of the 16-spot array. “The new flow cell adds an extra dimension to GWC’s SPRimager®II platform”, explained Stephen C. Weibel, GWC’s Director of Engineering. “Researchers can use the new flow cell to obtain superior kinetic information for specific molecular interactions. At the same time, all of the benefits of the standard flow cell, such as a greater volume for equilibrium analysis, and compatibility with custom arrays, are retained. Exchanging either cell for the other one is accomplished in a couple of minutes, consistent with GWC’s philosophy of making versatile systems that are simple to use.”

The low volume cell is available immediately. Current customers can use the new cell without any modification to the SPRimager®II instrument. Purchasers of new instruments may choose the new cell as an optional extra or as an alternative to the standard cell. .

To learn more about the capabilities of the SPRimager®II and how to select the best flow cell for your needs, please contact .

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2007 Oct 14
Research Using GWC's Products Featured at FACSS 2007
Label-free detection systems from GWC Technologies featured in three presentations at the FACSS 2007 conference, held at the Cook Convention Center in Memphis, Tennessee:

A Flexible, Easy To Use Platform For Analyzing Molecular Interactions On Arrays:
Stephen C. Weibel, GWC’s Director of Engineering, presented a poster detailing how the SPRimager®II system is used for diverse applications, including affinity and kinetcs analysis of protein interactions, cell receptor profiling, analysis of DNA-protein interactions, and optimization of protein and antibody array fabrication and analysis methods.

Techniques to Improve Sensitivity in FT-SPR Measurements:
Stephen R Lowry, Molecular Spectroscopy Chief Scientist at ThermoFisher Scientific, discussed a collaborative project between Thermo and GWC to optimize data acquisition and signal processing techniques in order to improve the sensitivity of the SPR 100 wavelength-scanning SPR module further, with particular emphasis on life science applications.

Nanoscale Carbon-on-Metal Films as Stable Substrates for Combinatorial Chemistry, SPR Imaging, and Mass Spectrometry:
Matthew R. Lockett, a graduate student in Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin, reported how chemically robust surfaces for array fabrication were developed with the aid of a custom SPR100 system.  He will also detail experiments that used the SPRimager®II platform to evaluate the performance of the new surfaces in DNA array experiments.  The new surfaces proved sufficiently robust not only for photolithographic array fabrication, but also for MALDI mass spectrometric analysis

To learn more about the extraordinary versatility of GWC's label-free platform, please contact .

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2007 Oct 01
GWC Appoints MissionCouver Ltd. Distributor for China
GWC is pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached with MissionCouver Ltd. under which MissionCouver will serve as exclusive distributor for GWC’s label-free array systems in China.

“Label-free” systems enable detection of specific molecules without the use of fluorescent labels or other tags that conventional scientific instruments require. These labels can cause serious experimental artefacts, especially in research involving proteins. Moreover, fluorescent labels are expensive to use and inconvenient. Label-free detection systems thus have extensive benefits for research scientists. The new agreement between GWC and MissionCouver includes marketing of GWC’s SPRimagerŽII, a versatile label-free detection system used by life scientists for research into proteomics, cell biology, food science, and the development of novel biomolecular array technologies.

According to Tim Burland, GWC’s President & CEO, “This new relationship with MissionCouver will for the first time establish full-service, local representation in China for GWC’s label-free array products. MissionCouver understands the compelling value of our detection platform, and will be able to articluate the benefits of our products to diverse types of users. We are delighted to welcome MissionCouver Ltd. to GWC’s worldwide team.”

About MissionCouver Ltd. MissionCouver is a distributor specializing in the sales and marketing of medical and laboratory equipment in China. Established in 2000, the company’s customer base includes scientists in universities, testing laboratories, and in medical and pharmaceutical industries. The relationship with GWC will enable MissionCourver to drive its business serving the rapidly expanding life science industry in China. MissionCouver’s vision is to work with the best and deliver the best, helping to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of customers' R&D efforts and testing results.

About GWC Technologies, Inc. Privately-held GWC Technologies, Inc. develops, manufactures, and markets scientific instruments for the biotechnology and materials science markets. Products are sold direct in North America, and through distributors and OEM partners elsewhere. Over 50% of GWC’s sales are exports, and the company’s products are in use in over a dozen countries. For more information, please contact Timothy G. Burland, PhD, President & Chief Executive Officer, GWC Technologies Inc. 608.441.2722; or email .

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2007 Aug 20
Robert M. Corn Receives 2007 American Chemical Society Award
GWC Technologies is pleased to announce that Director and Co-Founder Robert M. Corn received the American Chemical Society’s Division of Analytical Chemistry Award in Spectrochemical Analysis. The presentation was made at the 234th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Boston. where Dr Corn delivered his award lecture, “Ultrasensitive biosensing with surface plasmons, surface enzyme chemistry, nanoparticles and diffraction gratings”.

According to the American Chemical Society’s criteria, the award in part reflects Dr Corn’s contributions to “conceptualization and development of unique instrumentation.” Among his contributions in this area is the application of SPR imaging to the study of biomolecular interactions and biosensing. This research provided the basis for the first commercially available label-free array analyzer, GWC Technolgies’SPRimagerŽII.

Beyond instrumentation, Dr Corn has also made seminal contributions to development of novel surface sensors. Many of his recent developments in this area were achieved using the SPRimager®II platform in conjunction with biochemical assays, highlighting the value of this platform for developing breakthrough scientific advances in surface biosensing. “Many researchers recognize the value of the SPRimager®II platform for analysis of biomolecular interactions and for antibody characterization”, said GWC’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Tim Burland. “The work of Dr Corn and his collaborators further demonstrates the value of the SPRimager®II for development and optimization of surface assays and bioarray fabrication methods. You can monitor every step in array fabrication, test all your assay components, and perform routine array-based assays all on the same platform”, added Burland.

Robert M. Corn is a senior faculty member in the Department of Chemistry at the University of California at Irvine, where his research interests include surface spectroscopy, surface chemistry and surface biochemistry. He continues to act as Director and Scientific Advisor for GWC Technologies Inc.

For further information, please contact Timothy G. Burland, PhD, President & Chief Executive Officer, GWC Technologies Inc. 608.441.2722; or email .

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2007 July 8-12
Presentation at Affinity 2007 Conference Highlights how the SPRimager®II is used for protein array research
The Affinity 2007 conference at the NYU Kimmel Center, organized by the International Society for Molecular Recognition (ISMR), was sponsored this year by GWC Technologies..

During the conference, GWC's Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Voula Kodoyianni, presented recent data on a variety of molecular interactions that have been analyzed using the company's array-based SPRimager®II product platform. The presentation also illustrated how the SPRimager®II can be used for protein array analysis and biosensor development.

For further information on applications for the SPRimager®II, please call Dr Kodoyianni on 608.441.2721 or contact .

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2007 February 28
Versatile label-free systems from GWC Technologies featured in three pioneering presentations at Pittcon 2007:

Novel Surfaces for SPR Imaging: Matthew R. Lockett (University of Wisconsin-Madison) presented data obtained in a collaboration between the laboratories of Lloyd M. Smith and GWC Technologies. Lockett and colleagues used the SPR100 system to characterize and optimize the SPR characteristics of novel surfaces that provide superior stability. Higher stability facilitates the use of a wider variety of array fabrication schemes. Together with the alternative chemistries the novel surfaces support, this work greatly expands the range of applications for SPR systems. Lockett et al. then used GWC's SPRimagerŽ to demonstrate compelling performance of these surfaces for high-density label-free DNA arrays, further validating the SPRimagerŽ as one of the most versatile and capable commercial platforms for life science research.

Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy for Advanced Biosensing: Robert M. Corn (University of California, Irvine) detailed a remarkably broad variety of applications of the SPRimagerŽII platform for label-free analysis of bioarrays. Corn highlighted how he and his colleagues used nanoparticles or enzymatic amplification to enhance the performance of SPR imaging. Applications discussed included analysis of DNA, SNPs, micro RNA, biomarkers, and RNA aptamers.

Kinetic and Binding Studies of Antibody-Antigen and Peptide-Membrane Interactions Using Fourier Transform SPR : Eric Jiang (Thermo Fisher Scientific) presented a poster detailing new results from work performed by Jia Tang and Feng Gai at the University of Pennsylvania. The team demonstrated the high sensitivity of the wavelength-scanning SPR 100 module, which in these experiments was coupled with a Thermo Fisher Magna-IR 860 FT-IR spectrometer. Successful application of the system to studying the kinetics of antibody-antigen and peptide-membrane interactions was discussed.

For further information, please contact .

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2007 January 18
Robert M. Corn receives 2007 Pittsburgh Spectroscopy Award
GWC Technologies is pleased to announce that Director and Co-Founder Robert M. Corn received the 2007 Pittsburgh Spectroscopy Award from the Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh. The presentation was made at the Pittcon 2007 conference in Chicago on Tuesday February 27, 2007. Tim Burland, GWC’s President and Chief Executive Officer, commented “We are very familiar with Rob’s seminal contributions and his outstanding scientific expertise, and are delighted that his efforts are to be recognized with this prestigious award.” Burland added that Prof. Corn’s achievements include not only his academic work, but also his ability to apply his research to real-world problems, laying the groundwork for development of products that really work.

Professor Corn is recognized as one of the first to develop surface plasmon resonance (SPR) detection into an imaging technology suitable for monitoring bioarrays. His leadership in applying SPR imaging to the study of biomolecular interactions and biosensing laid a firm scientific foundation for this label-free approach to array analysis, and is the basis of GWC Technolgies’ SPRimagerŽII product platform. According to the Pittcon 2007 press release, “With recent work involving microfluidics and enzymatic amplification at the surface, he has actually reinvented his own field.” Prof. Corn and colleagues have also made major contributions to the development of Fourier-Transform SPR spectroscopy, the technology utilized in GWC’s SPR100 module, which adds wavelength-scanning SPR capabilities to FT-IR spectrometers.

Prof. Corn’s group made further seminal advances in “PM-FTIRRAS”, a polarization-modulated FTIR reflectivity measurement technique that generates major improvements over standard FTIR reflectivity methods for analysis of surface and interfacial structures. GWC’s synchronous sampling demodulators were developed directly from Corn’s ideas, and enable vibrational spectroscopists to exploit PM-FTIRRAS for a wide variety of materials science applications.

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