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2009 Jul 01
GWC Technologies Awarded NSF Grant To Develop Protein Arrays The National Science Foundation has awarded a Phase I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant to life science tools company GWC Technologies. The grant will accelerate development of the company's "Carbon-on-Metal" (CoM) technology for protein analysis. Dr Voula Kodoyianni, the company's chief scientific officer, will lead the project.

GWC's "SPR imaging" systems analyze arrays of molecules on gold chips. Gold enables "label-free" array analysis, which bypasses the problematic fluorescent labels alternative technologies require for analysis of protein arrays. Label-free data are prized by researchers in the pharmaceutical industry because they more accurately reflect how proteins function in real life.

While gold certainly glitters, it is too fragile for key tests in drug discovery research, in medical point-of-care diagnostics, and in field-based agricultural and environmental testing. CoM technology coats the gold array substrates with an exquisitely thin protective layer of carbon, dramatically increasing robustness. “Robust CoM chips open up entirely new fields of applications for our label-free array products” explained Dr Kodoyianni. “Our first goal is to demonstrate the superior performance of CoM technology in proteomics analysis”, she added, “then we will focus on new products for the pharmaceutical industry.”

According to GWC's president and CEO, Tim Burland, CoM array technology will be useful for products manufactured by other companies as well as those made by GWC. In order to bring the technology to the broadest possible market as quickly as possible, the company is seeking corporate partners.

For further information, please contact GWC at 608.441.2722 or .

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2009 Mar 04
New Application for Drug Absorption Profiling

GWC Technologies is pleased to announce development of a new application for high-throughput analysis of small-molecule drug uptake through membranes. Developed in collaboration with QBI Life Sciences, the method, published in the March 1 2009 issue of Genetic Engineering News, involves fabrication of membrane arrays on SpotReadyT chips. Drug absorption is then monitored in real time using the SPRimagerŽII label-free array reader. The relative rankings of uptake efficiencies for sample drugs analyzed this way are similar to rankings obtained by traditional methods. This versatile procedure could readily be adapted to analysis of drug uptake into membranes prepared from different tissues, disease states, or individuals.

For further information, please contact GWC Sales at 608.441.2726 or .

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2009 Feb 23
Dual-Channel Flow Cell Introduced for upgraded SPRimager®II-D

GWC Technologies Inc is pleased to announce the introduction of dual-channel array imaging for its label-free analysis platform.

The dual-channel capability is built on the company’s SPRimager®II array system, which is in use in over a dozen countries for proteomics and bioengineering research. The new system combines an upgraded instrument, the SPRimager®II-D, with a new dual-channel flow cell.

The new cell uses the same design principles as the low volume cell, delivering improved fluidics and lower sample volume requirements when used with SpotReady™16 chips. The two independent channels each with eight sample spots enhance many applications in life science and bioengineering research. For example, users can now monitor:

  • Multiple molecular interactions for two different analytes in parallel
  • Multiple molecular interactions for two concentrations of the same analyte simultaneously
  • Adsorption of surface layers from organic or aqueous solutions, using the second channel as a control for the unmodified surface.

The interchangeable dual-channel, low volume and standard flow cells for the SPRimager®II-D all maintain sufficient channel diameters to analyze the same broad spectrum of targets, ranging from oligos and peptides through proteins to whole virus particles and mammalian cells. Exchanging one flow cell for another is accomplished in a couple of minutes, consistent with GWC’s philosophy of making versatile systems that are simple to use.

For further information, please contact GWC Sales at 608.441.2726 or .

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2009 Jan06
SPRimager®II Ranks in Top 5 Most Innovative Products at AVS-55

GWC Technologies is pleased to announce that the company’s SPRimager®II array system has been chosen as one of the top five most innovative products presented at AVS-55, the annual conference of the American Vacuum Society (AVS), held recently in Boston. Judging for the award was based on the presentation by Tim Burland, GWC’s President and Chief Executive Officer, on the use of the company’s SPRimager®II in development of biosensors. All five winners, including GWC, ThermoFisher Scientific, and Shimadzu subsidiary Kratos Analytical, will be featured in the January 2009 issue of Physics Today.

GWC’s “label-free” SPRimager®II system helps researchers study many proteins at once on microarrays, without using the fluorescent tags or other chemical labels that traditional methods of protein analysis require. Such labels are problematic, because they can alter protein function. Label-free analysis avoids these artifacts.

GWC Technologies exhibited at the AVS conference in order to introduce the SPRimager®II to the conference’s extensive contingent of bioengineers. Working at the intersections of biology, chemistry, physics and engineering, many bioengineers are developing better ways to analyze the thousands of proteins encoded by the human genome, a daunting and difficult task. The open-platform design of GWC’s products, backed by expert technical support, allows bioengineers to develop new methods much more rapidly and more effectively than can be done with alternative products.

According to Tim Burland, “The adoption of the SPRimager®II system by bioengineers will create a powerful knowledge base from which all of our life science, materials science and bioengineering users can benefit. The AVS award confirms the compelling features of our product platform, and establishes GWC Technologies as a major force in the label-free analysis market. We are delighted to see our products ranked alongside those of other established market leaders.”

For further information, please contact Tim Burland at 608.441.2722 or .

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